A Question of Origins


    Many people mistakenly view the controversy between Creationism and Evolutionism as being a conflict between science and religion.  In reality, this is far from the truth.  The conflict is between two worldviews - both philosophies.   There are only two possible explanations for the origin of the universe: either all we have today came about as a result of random "accidents" over a long period of time, or is the result of the actions of an creator.  

    No person was at the beginning to witness it, and origins cannot be scientifically tested in the laboratory.  Therefore, much of what is stated about origins is a matter of FAITH on BOTH sides.   Scientists on both sides must rely on circumstantial evidence to support their position.    The question is, which side is best supported by the scientific evidence?  This web site is dedicated to demonstrating evidence that all we have in our world is a result of the action of an intelligent creator.