A Question of Origins

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    One of the most controversial issues of the day is the debate between evolutionists and creationists. There are only two possible explanations for how our universe and particularly our world and its inhabitants got here: either they are the result of random mechanistic processes, or someone created them.  Put very simply, it either happened by accident or somebody had to do it.

    Evolutionists insist that evolution is the only scientific answer, while scientific creationism is nothing more than religion.  However, is this an accurate picture of the situation?  Since this is supposed to be a debate about science, it would make sense to check the scientific facts to see which position science truly supports.  

    This web site is dedicated to doing just that.  It includes articles about the human body, explaining how many of its parts work.  It  also features articles about many of the other inhabitants of the earth, as well as information on how different parts of the environment work together to achieve balance and harmony. 

    In addition, there are articles about the earth's special place in the universe.  The articles are scientifically accurate and can be checked at any reputable source.  So, if you are interested in what science really says about the issue, read on.